TUT Timetable 2024/2025

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TUT Timetable 2024/2025

TUT Timetable 2024/2025;  TUT timetable and results

The Tshwane University of Technology offers a timetable to its students which is a schedule of classes, lectures, and other academic activities. The timetable normally lists the days and times when classes are scheduled to take place, along with the names of the lecturers, the locations of the classrooms, and other relevant details.

In order to make sure they can fulfil all of their academic duties, it is crucial for students to routinely check their timetables for any revisions or changes and to plan their calendars accordingly. TUT timetable and results

TUT 2024 Timetables

Electrical Engineering:

  • Higher Certificate: Electrical Engineering- Download
  • BEngTech: Electrical Engineering- Download
  • NDip: Electrical Engineering- Download
  • BTech: Electrical Engineering Saturday Classes- Download
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering- Download

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Civil Engineering:

  • BTKG02 – B-Tech (Construction Management)-Download
  • BTOI02 – B-Tech (Environmental Engineering)-Download
  • BTGO02 – B-Tech (Geotechnical Engineering)- Download
  • BTSQ02 – B-Tech (Structural Engineering)-Download
  • BTTO02 – B-Tech (Transportation Engineering)-Download
  • BTUB02 – B-Tech (Urban Engineering)-Download
  • BTCW02 – B-Tech (Water Engineering)-Download
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Civil Engineering (BPCE18 – Year 1 – Block)-Download
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Civil Engineering (BPCE18 – Year 1 – group A & B)-Download
  • Higher Certificate in Construction Engineering (HCCM18 – Elective 1)-Download

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Industrial Engineering: TUT Results 2024

  • BPIE19 – Year 1 (group A)-Download
  • BTEI03 – B-Tech (Industrial) Evening-Download
  • HCIE18 – Year 1 (group A)-Download
  • NDEI03 – Year 2 (Semester 1)-Download
  • MEng – MEEM18 with venues-Download

Building Sciences:

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Other Important Information of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)

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