TUT Online Application Btech

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TUT Online Application Btech

TUT Online Application Btech: TUT Btech Application Form

Education is a fantastic vehicle for personal growth. People who are willing to put in the time and effort to further their education have a variety of career options. Because picking a job is such a difficult decision, the Faculty of Management Sciences prides itself on staying current with the labour market’s ever-changing demands, possibilities, and difficulties through active advisory boards and constant communication with business and industry.

Students interested in Hospitality Management, Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Sport Management, Office Management and Technology, Operations Management, People Management and Development, and Tourism Management can study at the Faculty of Management Sciences.

The faculty is unique among university of technology faculties in that it houses a business school that offers an accredited MBA degree. We’re also one of the most prestigious university faculties for postgraduate programmes, which range from postgraduate diplomas to Ph.D. degrees.

This is due to the faculty’s rigorous academic standards. We have 30 doctoral-level scholars on staff, and we currently create over 30 units of research output every year. So come join the approximately 2 000 students who graduate each year, with an average of five doctors and more than 20 master’s degree recipients. TUT Btech Application Form

Tshwane University of Technology

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Contact Details

  • Tel: 086 110 2421
  • Email: general@tut.ac.za

Visit Tshwane University of Technology TUT’s Official Website for more information.


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