TUT Quantity Surveying Requirements 2022/2023

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TUT Quantity Surveying Requirements 2022/2023

TUT Quantity Surveying Requirements 2022/2023: TUT Admission Requirements 2022…Download TUT Prospectus 2022 pdf…

Course Description
Training to prepare full monthly payment certificates, payments for sub-contractors’ work, reports and to provide guidance to junior surveyors.


Qualification code: BTQS02 – NQF Level 7

Campus where offered: Pretoria Campus

Important notification to new applicants: TUT Quantity Surveying Requirements 2022/2023

Students who intend to enrol for this qualification should take note that no new applications will be accepted as from 2022. Potential students are advised to consult the University’s website for possible new qualifications which are aligned with the newly-implemented Higher Education Qualification Sub-Framework

Selection criteria:

To be considered for the qualification candidates must have:-A minimum NDAPS score of 1 200 (table available at the Department). -A final mark of 60% or more for Quantity Surveying III, Construction Technology III and Price Analysis and Estimating III (three final-year modules of the Diploma). -For each time any of these modules were failed, a 10% will be deducted

TUT Admission requirements 2022: TUT Quantity Surveying Requirements 2022/2023

Below is the admission requirements of the Tshwane University of Technology for the 2022-2023 academic year

A National Diploma: Building or an equivalent NQF Level 6 (old NQF and new HEQF) qualifica-tion obtained from an accredited South African university. Holders of any other equivalent South African or international qualifications may also be considered, but will have to apply at least six months in advance for the recognition of such qualifications.

Candidates will be required to submit an evaluation of their qualifications by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) with their application forms for admission. The University and/or Faculty reserves the right to assess these qualifications and the applicant’s suitability and/or competence for admission to the programme. Depending on the nature of such an equivalent qualification, the completion of certain additional subjects may be required. Proof of English proficiency may be required. TUT Prospectus 2022 pdf Download



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