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TUT Campuses

TUT Campuses: Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) is a prestigious institution of higher learning located in Pretoria, South Africa. With over 9 campuses spread across different provinces, TUT is one of the largest universities in the country, providing a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields of study.

The Tshwane campuses are the Arcadia Campus, Arts Campus, Pretoria Campus, Ga-Rankuwa Campus and the North and South Campuses in Soshanguve, each campus offering unique academic programs and a diverse student community. TUT campuses have an outstanding reputation for academic excellence, innovative research, and practical hands-on training that prepares graduates for the workforce. TUT also has campuses in eMalahleni, Mbombela and Polokwane, as well as service points in Durban and Cape Town. Below is TUT campuses and where it is located.

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Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Campuses Near Me

175 Nelson Mandela Drive, Pretoria
​​​​​​GPS: (25º44’41.83”S 28º12’0.19”E) ​

Arcadia Contact Details

Tel: +27 12 382 5911

​24 Du Toit Street (corner Du Toit & Struben Streets), Pretoria
​​GPS: (25º44’26.16”S 28º11’45.99”E)​​​​​

Arts Contact Details

Tel: 086 110 2421
SMS Number: 30655

eMalahleni Contact Details

Name: Neo Sibanyoni
Tel: +27 13 653 3107

2827 Zone 2, Botsi Street, Ga-Rankuwa​
​​GPS: (25º37’05.92”S 28º00’08.31”E)​​​​

Ga-Rankuwa Contact Details

Tel: 086 110 2421
SMS Number: 30655

Mbombela Contact Details

Postal: Private Bag X11312, Mbombela, 1200
Madiba Drive, Mbombela, Mpumalanga, 1200

2 Aubrey Matlala Road, Block K, Soshanguve ​
GPS: (25°32’25.1″S 28°05’48.8″E)​

Soshanguve South Contact Details

Tel: 086 110 2421
SMS Number: 30655

​​​GPS: (25°31’14.3″S 28°06’50.9″E)​

Soshanguve North Contact Details

Tel: 086 110 2421
SMS Number: 30655

Polokwane Contact Details

Tel: +27 15 287 0770

Staatsartillerie Road, Pretoria West
​​​GPS: (25º43’53.55”S 28º09’40.38”E)​​

Pretoria Contact Details

Tel: 086 110 2421
SMS Number: 30655


TUT Faculty

  • Arts and Design
  • Economics and Finance
  • Engineering and the Built Environment
  • Humanities
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Management Sciences
  • Science

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How To Apply TUT Online Application 2024-2025

  • To begin the application process at TUT, please click here.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, click ‘Apply Now.’
  • Choose whether or not you have a student number (If this is your first time applying you will not have a student number yet)
  • Choose whether you are returning to finish an application.
  • Choose whether or not you have a Qualification. Token Specific (this token was only given to specific students to show them a pre-defined list of qualifications)
  • To the consent form, click ‘I Accept.’


For more information on TUT CLICK HERE. We do hope this article was helpful.


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