TUT Bridging Courses 2023-2024

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TUT Bridging Courses 2023-2024

TUT Bridging Courses 2023-2024: TUT Online Courses

TUT Bridging Courses Online Application 2023…TUT Matric Bridging Courses 2023…TUT Courses and Requirements 2023-2024

Environmental Management Inspectors bridging course for Environmental Health Practitioners

Entrance Requirements: TUT Bridging Courses 2023-2024

The following entry requirements were agreed upon by the above parties that signed the memorandum of understanding:

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  • Registration as an environmental health practitioner (independent practice) at the HPCSA
  • Employed by a Municipality as an environmental health practitioner
  • Successful completion of a peace officers course
The focus will be placed on delegates for the following three provinces: Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo- and North West provinces respectively. To ensure equal opportunity for delegates from the respective geographical areas a maximum of 4 delegates per Municipality per contact time will be allowed. TUT Bridging Courses 2023-2024

​The contact time of the programme will be 5 days X 8 hours (5 days). It will be non-credit bearing.

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Registration Details: TUT Bridging Courses 2023-2024
The application form and banking details are available from the Department of Environmental Health.​

Course Material:

Course material in electronic format will be made available to participants in advance of the start of the programme as it will be required participants to compile a pre-course assignment to demonstrate pre-knowledge. This assignment will have to be handed in on the day of the start of the programme.​ TUT Bridging Courses 2023-2024

The Purpose of TUT Short Learning Courses or Programmes: TUT Bridging Courses 2023-2024

The purpose of the SLP is to capacitate practising EHPs employed at the Local Authority to be able to be appointed as EMIs. This will allow them to enforce environmental legislation within their areas of jurisdiction. The purpose of the programme is therefore to capacitate the participants with the required knowledge and practical experience to be able to:

  • Be appointed by the MECs of the respective provinces as EMIs
  • Conduct a successful investigation and assist in the prosecution of environmental violations. It will include an acceptable understanding of the legal processes to be followed for such prosecutions
  • Understanding of the National Environment Management: Waste Act and the National Environment: Air Quality Act.​ TUT Online Courses

Contact Details:

Registration Enquiries

Registration Enquiries

Programme Detail Enquiries

Programme Detail Enquiries

TUT Contact Centre

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