TUT Brochure for 2025-2026

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TUT Brochure for 2025-2026

TUT Brochure for 2025-2026:

Choosing the right university is an important decision that can significantly impact your future academic and professional endeavours. Tshwane University is a leading institution in South Africa, known for its diverse range of programs, state-of-the-art facilities and innovative teaching methods. if you are considering applying to TUT for the 2025-2026 academic year, you will want to get your hands on the latest TUT brochure.

The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) brochure is a comprehensive document that serves as a guide for prospective students, parents, and other stakeholders who are interested in learning more about the university. The brochure provides detailed information about the courses and programmes offered at TUT, as well as the admission requirements, application procedures, and fees. It also highlights the various support services and facilities available to students, such as accommodation, sports and recreation, and student organizations. In this article, we will delve into the TUT brochure for 2025-2026 and highlight the key information you need to know.

Download TUT Brochure 2024-2025 pdf Here

Tut Online Application Opening Date 2025-2026

Applications to the Tshwane University of Technology for the 2025-2026 academic year open on 4 March 2024. Student applicants cannot apply before the TUT application is opened.

Tut Online Application Closing Date 2025-2026

Applications to the Tshwane University of Technology for study admission for the 2025-2026 academic year will close on 30 September 2024. Interested applicants cannot submit applications after the deadline.

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Key Highlight From The TUT Brochure 2025-2026

New Programs:

  • Bachelor of Data Science: cutting-edge program designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of data science.
  • Master Of Renewable Energy: A specialized program focusing on unsustainable energy solutions and environment conservation.

Admission Requirements:

For undergraduate programs, applicants are required to have a National Senior Certificate with specific subject requirements and minimum APS scores. For postgraduate programs, applicants must have a relevant bachelor’s degree and meet the specific program requirements.

Campus Facilities:

  • State Of The Art Libraries: Offering a vast collection of books, journals and online resources to support students’ academic research.
  • Advanced Laboratories: Providing students with hands-on experience and partial skills in their respective fields of study.

Scholarships And Financial Aid:

  • Merit Scholarship: Awarded to high-achieving Students based on academic performance.
  • Need-Based Bursaries: Available to students with financial need to assist with tuition fees and living expenses.

TUT Admission Requirements 2025-2026

​​Minimum general admission requirements for study at TUT

No person may be registered as a student in a programme of TUT unless he or she has complied with the following

General admission requirements for TUT

  • A pass mark in English at Senior Certificate level (minimum additional language; certain programmes may require first or home language status)
  • Each course has its specific admission requirements.
  • Prospective students should note that the admission requirements of individual programmes could change from year to year.
  • For some programmes, students will be required to write an admission test, which will determine whether they will be admitted to the programme, or whether it will be recommended to them that they enrol for a relevant foundation course.
  • The following table indicates the levels of performance required for entry to specific levels of study:

TUT Requirements NSC – Gaps your profile ​

Results format for the new NSC-G and the minimum admission requirements for TUT:

Rating code​ Rating Marks
7 Outstanding achievement 80 – 100
6 Meritorious achievement 70 – 79
5 Degree substantial achievement 60 – 69
4 Diploma adequate achievement 50 – 59
3 Foundation moderate achievement 40 – 49
2 Elementary achievement 30 – 39
1​ Not achieved 0 –​ 29

​​Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy?

All learners are required to take one of the two subjects for NSC-G purposes

​​TUT position:

  • Mathematics is relevant to programmes that require prior knowledge of mathematics; all others may only require Mathematical Literacy. (Details of what each subject entails can be determined by looking at the DoE curriculum statements, available on the DoE website).

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How To Apply Online At Tut 2025-2026

  • To begin the application process at TUT, please click here.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, click ‘Apply Now.’
  • Choose whether or not you have a student number (If this is your first time applying you will not have a student number yet)
  • Choose whether you are returning to finish an application.
  • Choose whether or not you have a Qualification. Token Specific (this token was only given to specific students to show them a pre-defined list of qualifications)
  • To the consent form, click ‘I Accept.’
  • Stick to the instructions provided throughout the application.

TUT Contact Details

Tel: 086 110 2421
Email: general@tut.ac.za
SMS Number: 30655

For more information on TUT CLICK HERE. We do hope this article was helpful.


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