TUT Hospitality Management

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TUT Hospitality Management

TUT Hospitality Management:

The Department of Hospitality Management is committed to the core values of customer service, creativity and innovation, as well as excellence.

If you want a career in the vibrant hospitality industry, the Hospitality Management qualification will provide you with an understanding of the service quality and value guests expect, as well as the principles and guidelines managers need to run hospitality establishments well.

During your studies, you will be placed in hospitality organisations, such as hotels and guest houses where you will have the opportunity to gain practical training and experience in the industry. Being exposed to industry adds value as graduates are in demand for jobs after completing their qualifications.​​

Benefits of Studying Hospitality Management at TUT

  • Global Career Opportunities:

With a TUT Hospitality Management degree, graduates are well-positioned to pursue exciting career opportunities both locally and internationally. The hospitality industry is a global field, and TUT’s comprehensive program prepares students to thrive in diverse cultural and business environments.

  • Entrepreneurial Skills Development:

TUT’s Hospitality Management program not only focuses on preparing students for employment but also cultivates entrepreneurial skills and mindset. Graduates are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to start their hospitality ventures and contribute to the growth and innovation of the industry.

  • Professional Networking:

TUT’s strong industry connections and partnerships provide students with valuable networking opportunities, allowing them to connect with industry professionals, attend industry events, and explore internship and job placement opportunities.

TUT Hospitality Management Programmes/Courses Offered


  • Food Operations Management
  • Hospitality Management

National Diploma

  • Hospitality Management

National Diploma (Extended Curriculum)

  • Hospitality Management

Advanced Diploma

  • Hospitality Management

Postgraduate Diploma

  • Hospitality Management

Master’s Degree

  • Master of Management Sciences in Food Operations Management

Doctoral Degree

  • Management Sciences in Food Operations Management

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How To Apply TUT Online Application 2025-2026

  • To begin the application process at TUT, please click here.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, click ‘Apply Now.’
  • Choose whether or not you have a student number (If this is your first time applying you will not have a student number yet)
  • Choose whether you are returning to finish an application.
  • Choose whether or not you have a Qualification. Token Specific (this token was only given to specific students to show them a pre-defined list of qualifications)
  • To the consent form, click ‘I Accept.’

TUT Hospitality Management Contact Details

Departmental Administrator

Name: Elaine le Roux
Tel: +27 12 382 6530

Head of Department

Name: Dr JR Roberson

TUT Contact Centre

Tel: 086 110 2421
SMS Number: 30655
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