TUT Exit Exam

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TUT Exit Exam

Important Information on Exit Examination

TUT Exit Exam

Exit exams at all campuses postponed until further notice

​​Students are informed that the exit exams at all campuses have been postponed until further notice. ​

This is a call to all final-year students who remained with one subject or module at the end of the 2017 academic year in order to qualify for their respective qualifications to submit exit examination applications no later than Monday, 29 January 2018. The call applies to the following categories of final-year students:

  • Students who remained with a maximum of one theoretical subject or module in order to qualify for their qualifications, regardless of whether they have had two opportunities already to ​take an examination in the subject concerned.
  • Students who remained with a maximum of one continuous assessment (non-examination terminating) subject or module in order to qualify for their qualifications.
Applications to write exit examination from the categories of final-year students referred to above should be submitted to the academic administration departments at the various campuses of TUT before the closing date.
Qualifying final-year students who have already submitted applications need not reapply.
Please note that the exit examination will be written from Wednesday, 21 to Friday, 23 February 2018; and not from Monday, 12 to Friday, 16 February 2018 as published in the University Academic Core Calendar.
TUT Exit Exam

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