Tshwane University of Technology Faculty of Education

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Tshwane University of Technology Faculty of Education

Tshwane University of Technology Faculty of Education; Diploma in Teaching at TUT

TUT Faculty of Education

The School of Education provides studies in aspects of education that are implicated in the Education, Training and Development through its four Departments, namely Educational Foundation, with a focus on the fundamentals of education, training and development of theories related to educational studies, including the management, general didactic theories and work integrated learning; Primary Education, with focus on general education and training development as the primary building block for schools; Mathematics, Science and Business Education, with focus on Mathematics, Sciences and Commercial and Business studies in education; and Technology and Vocational Education, with the focus on Technology, Computer Sciences and Vocational Education. Diploma in Teaching at TUT

TUT faculty of education requirements


  • Educational Foundation

The Department of Educational Foundation entails the preparation of teachers for the General Education and Training (GET) and Further Education and Training phases on the NQF. More specifically the department offers focused disciplinary learning, the foundations of education including general pedagogical learning, fundamental learning and situational learning spread across the phases of learning. 

  • Maths, Science & Business Education

The undergraduate programmes of the department consist of the following BEd streams: Science (Mathematics, Physical Science and Life Science), Consumer Studies (Hospitality, Mathematical Literacy) and Business (Accounting, Economics and Business Management).  The post-graduate programmes include Honours’, Masters and Doctoral programmes in MSBE. 

TUT faculty of education requirements

  • Primary Education

The Department of Primary Education entails the preparation of teachers for the General Education and Training (GET) phases of the NQF.  It compromises two qualifications which are the B.Ed. Foundation Phase (Grade R-3) and the B.Ed. Intermediate/Senior Phase (Grade 4-9). The main focus of the department is to develop teachers who are well-prepared for reflective classroom practice through innovative methodologies like Assessment for Learning and self-regulatory learning. 

  • Technology & Vocational Education

Technology and Vocational Education entail a study of various aspects of Education specialisations including, but not limited to, Technology Education, Electrical Technology, Civil Technology, Mechanical Technology, Engineering Graphics and Design, Computer Application Technology, Computer Science, Educational Technology, TVET, ACET etc. In other words, it provides the art and science of teaching conversant through research and community engagement.  

TUT faculty of education requirements


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral Degree

Contact Details


Name: Ms Tsholofelo Gaeonale

Head of School

Name: Prof Harry Rampa

TUT Contact Centre

Tel: 086 110 2421
SMS Number: 30655


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