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TUT Health Courses 2021/2022

TUT Health Courses TUT Health Courses 2021/2022 Faculty of Science ​​​​​Welcome to the Faculty of Science, TUT’s leading research faculty that makes substantial contribution every year to the total research output of the country. We are proud to have many rated researchers and lecturers of national and international repute, who attract substantial financial support for… Read More »

TUT Bridging Courses 2022-2023

TUT Bridging Courses 2022-2023 TUT Bridging Courses 2022-2023: TUT Bridging Courses Online Application 2022…TUT Matric Bridging Courses 2022…TUT Courses and Requirements 2022-2023 Environmental Management Inspectors bridging course for Environmental Health Practitioners Entrance Requirements: TUT Bridging Courses 2022-2023 The following entry requirements were agreed upon by the above parties that signed the memorandum of understanding: Read… Read More »