Ehlanzeni TVET College prospectus 2024/2025

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Ehlanzeni TVET College prospectus 2024/2025

Ehlanzeni TVET College Brochure, Ehlanzeni TVET College prospectus 2024/2025

Are you considering attending Ehlanzeni TVET College? If so, the prospectus for the college should be your first stop on the road to academic success. The prospectus for the Ehlanzeni TVET College will be covered in this post along with why potential students should read it. kindly continue reading

What Exactly Is Prospectus For Ehlanzeni TVET College

Prospective students can find out about the college’s programs, courses, entrance requirements, costs, and more in the prospectus for the Ehlanzeni TVET College. It is an excellent tool for assisting students in making decisions regarding their academic future


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What Details Are Included In The Prospectus

Prospective students can find a variety of important information in the Ehlanzeni TVET College prospectus. You can anticipate to find the following details in the prospectus:

Programmes and courses offered: The prospectus provides a comprehensive list of the programmes and courses offered by the college. It outlines the various fields of study available and provides detailed

information on each programme, including the admission requirements, duration of study, and career prospects.

Admission requirements: The prospectus details the entry requirements for each of the college’s programs. It details any additional prerequisites, including job experience or practical abilities, as well as the minimal qualifications necessary for admission.

Application process: The prospectus provides step-by-step guidance on how to apply for admission to the college. It outlines the application requirements, deadlines, and the documents you need to submit with your application.

Fees and funding: The prospectus provides information on the fees payable for each programme and course offered by the college. It also outlines the funding options available, such as bursaries, scholarships, and financial aid.

Campus facilities and services: The prospectus provides information on the college’s facilities and services, such as accommodation, student support services, and sports and recreation facilities.


Why Is the Prospectus Important

The Ehlanzeni TVET College prospectus is an essential resource for prospective students as it provides them with all the information they need to make informed decisions about their academic future. It helps students choose the right programme or course, understand the admission requirements, and plan their finances accordingly. It also helps students prepare for the application process and familiarize themselves with the college’s facilities and services.


Courses offered Ehlanzeni TVET College

Ehlanzeni TVET College offers a wide range of diverse program selected to provide students with the necessary skills for development. The College offers courses under the following programmes:

  • Civil Engineering & Construction
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • Engineering & Related Design
  • Information Technology & Computer Science
  • Finance, Economics and Accounting
  • Management
  • Office Administration
  • Hospitality
  • Primary Agriculture

Ehlanzeni TVET College Campuses

  • Barberton Campus
  • KaNyamazane Campus
  • Mapulaneng Campus
  • Mashishing Campus
  • Mlumati Campus
  • Mthimba Campus
  • Nelspruit Campus

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Ehlanzeni TVET College Contact Details:

Tel : +27 (0)13 752 7105

Download the prospectus here

In conclusion, if you’re interested in studying at Ehlanzeni TVET College, getting your hands on the college’s prospectus is the first step in your academic journey. By using the prospectus as a guide, you can make informed decisions about your academic future and increase your chances of being accepted into your desired programme or course.